Each new BTB SUPREME bottle consists of3 groups of semiochemicals:


4.0 mg pheromones
(Each BTB SUPREME bottle, as a base, has a guaranteed mixture of effective pheromones, as the classic version of BTB - in a concentration of 0.4 mg / ml)


1.0 mg pheromones
(BTB SUPREME additionally contains 1.0 mg of completely new pheromones, which were not available in the classic version of BTB - significantly increasing its effectiveness)


1.5 mg pheromones
(Only BTB SUPREME - as the only product in the world - contains technologically advanced pheromones from a pioneering family of semiochemicals (concentration 0.15mg / ml))

Advanced mixture of compounds strongly stimulanting male and female VNO organ.


Explore , discover and experience energy of sexuality and confidence.
BTB SUPREME is the most technically advanced pheromones on the market.

Sensual influence

Award-winning preparation not only of a sexual but also social nature. SUPREME can be called a social magnet. It acts as an aromatic aphrodisiac. Both women and men are more willing to listen to you, they are sincerely interested in you and what you say. You arouse the respect of men and the sincere interest of women. People look at you with admiration and appreciation. They become open-minded, talkative, confide, they are close and direct.

If you are close with your partner, the pheromones in BTB SUPREME will enhance your erotic sensations. BTB SUPREME are pheromones that first open people, and then sexually stimulate them in an erotic context. People are more relaxed, they feel comfortable with you. They are friendly and chatty. Sometimes they can't stop talking when beeing close to you. Due to the fact that BTB SUPREME improves contact and opens people, it is also an ideal product for use at work. In intimate situations, BTB SUPREME enhances the sensations of your partner, making the moments that he or she experiences with you become moments that he or she will remember for the rest of his or her life.

Stress reduction

Beeing under the influence of new pheromones, it becomes easier to maintain concentration, peace and emotional balance in difficult, stressful situations.

When making important decisions, they help to bring you into a state of natural silence and inner harmony. This allows you to have self-control and control the course of the situation.

The action of the new pheromones at a glance:
  • lowering the level of stress, anxiety, anxiety, internal vibrations and irritation;
  • return to inner peace, a sense of security;
  • greater composure and freedom in difficult situations;
  • body language expressing confidence, peace and internal order;
  • confidence translating into action.
  • 20 years of tradition.
    Proven brand.

    For Woman

    Do you feel you need more courage and self-confidence? The pheromones contained in BTB SUPREME affect you. By directly stimulating the VNO organ in your nose, these compounds make you more active, focused, self-confident, daring and outgoing. And it has NOTHING to do with the placebo effect. If you need an extra dose of adrenaline and communication skills, BTB Supreme will be a good choice. BTB Supreme also improves your well-being. It can also increase your libido.

    What will you gain?
  • good contact, greater openness of the interlocutor, increased trust;
  • interest and infatuation with you,
  • focus and well-being, greater self-confidence, sociability and assertiveness,
  • authority and respect, leadership,
  • doubling the excitement in intimate situations

  • For Man

    By using SUPREME Men, you create the aura of a strong man. Ten pure human pheromones emphasize your personality and make you perceive by the environment as a resolut and dominant male, but at the same time a man worth trusting and approaching. Women want to be closer to you, they accost you and open up to you. Some become very talkative, chatty, and extremely friendly. They show a sincere interest in you.

    The right relationships affect their mood, making them less nervous around you, making them feel great. Sometimes they even become very playful and carefree, and in some situations they even laugh. You may notice signs of flirting, physically approaching, cuddling, and chafing. Women become submissive and tolerant, which can be seen from body language and frequent and intense eye contact. Women in your close vicinity become relaxed and surprisingly calm.

    Technical information:

    Packaging: 10 ml glass bottle with a dropper
    Yield: 370 drops
    Applied fluid dose: 27 ml / 1 drop
    Pheromone content: 6.5 mg
    Concentration: 0.65 mg / ml
    Number of pheromones in 1 drop: 17.57 mcg
    Daily application: 1 6 drops
    Average time of use with daily use: 6 9 months

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