Each new BTB BUSINESS bottle consists of 3 groups of semiochemicals:


4.0 mg pheromones
(Each BTB BUSINESS bottle, as a base, has a guaranteed mixture of effective pheromones, as the classic version of BTB - in a concentration of 0.4 mg / ml)


1.0 mg pheromones
(BTB BUSINESS additionally contains 1.0 mg of completely new pheromones, which were not available in the classic version of BTB - significantly increasing its effectiveness)


1.5 mg pheromones
(Only BTB BUSINESS - as the only product in the world - contains technologically advanced pheromones from a pioneering family of semiochemicals (concentration 0.15mg / ml))

Advanced mixture of compounds strongly stimulanting male and female VNO organ.

Everything matters. Your posture, way of being, gestures, how you are dressed or even how you smell. The first impression you make on the other person cannot be made a second time. Only here and now matters.

Successful sellers take advantage of the additional opportunities offered by branded pheromones. Pheromones are a tool for influencing the subconsciousness of another human being. It's a way to guide customer decisions like no other salesperson does.

Business core

Whoever you meet, at work or in your daily life, you influence people and they influence you. Perhaps you are in the business of selling. Perhaps you work with people. Perhaps your salary depends on your effectiveness?

BTB BUSINESS helps you to define your position in the group. You set your own limits and the rules of the game. Become a more dominant, go-getting and sociable person, and at the same time incomparably more daring and self-confident. Pheromones make it easier to anchor the appropriate emotional states among customers or business partners.

Very high quality, a high concentration of pheromones in a 10ml bottle, is a guarantee of the best quality / price ratio. By purchasing BTB BUSINESS, you are guaranteed that you are buying pheromones that have so far been successfully tested by tens of thousands of people around the world. Make people impressed with your personality.


By investing in a BTB bottle for business, you are actually investing in your own effectiveness . Scientists have proven that people using pheromones are perceived as more attractive, and that customers' openness, their trust and interest increases by as much as 22.6% ! Assess for yourself whether it is a big help in the world of sales and constant striving for customers.

Neurological studies have shown that all odor impulses go directly to the limbic system, where they are registered by our subconsciousness. It is here where feelings, associations, emotions, likes and dislikes arise. In this way, the subconscious mind develops a positive or negative reaction to a given fragrance.

Pheromones can significantly shorten your selling time . They will make people more interested in your offer. So put on proven solutions to enjoy more signed contracts, products or services sold.

20 years of tradition.
Proven brand.

For Woman

You smell like a real woman of Success, arousing the desire of the men around you, and even the envy of your friends watching. It emphasizes your personal charm.

When you apply BTB Business Woman on your skin, you emphasize your attractiveness, power and self-confidence. It helps a lot in management positions. Tough resolve becomes easier to introduce to others. You influence others easily. Your power of clout makes everyone listen attentively.

Thanks to BTB Business it is easier to express your needs. You become the decision-maker and the consequent. Tough decisions are no longer a hassle!

For Man

By using BTB Business Men, you create the aura of a strong man around you. Pure human pheromones emphasize your personality and make you perceived by the environment as a firm and dominant male, but at the same time a man worth trusting.

Remember, your good attitude is important, your goodness towards others. When you exude a positive, empathetic attitude, pheromones will reinforce your positive image.

You become a firm leader, your assertiveness increases. Thanks to BTB Business, you can easily influence the subconscious of others, thanks to which you effectively lead the group.

With BTB you can easily make new friends, and current contacts bring you more and more profits. People show you respect, you are recognized by your colleagues and business partners. Thanks to BTB, your self-confidence increases to the maximum, thanks to which you effectively solve all matters. You have an exceptional power of persuasion.

Technical information:

Packaging: 10 ml glass bottle with a dropper
Yield: 370 drops
Applied fluid dose: 27 ml / 1 drop
Pheromone content: 6.5 mg
Concentration: 0.65 mg / ml
Number of pheromones in 1 drop: 17.57 mcg
Daily application: 1 6 drops
Average time of use with daily use: 6 9 months

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